Efficient Lighting Toolkit

The Efficient Lighting Toolkit is a practical reference manual that identifies essential elements that need to be considered before and after inefficient lighting phase-out schemes have been initiated.

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Integrated Approach

An integrated policy approach includes: minimum energy performance standards, supporting policies, monitoring, verification and enforcement activities and environmentally sound management.

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Global Policy Map

The online Global Policy Map provides an overview of efficient lighting policies and successes for countries around the world, specifically in the residential sector.

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Minimum Energy Performance Standards

MEPS ensure that high performance and good quality products are available in the market.

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Global Policy Map

Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement

MVE activities ensure that products in the market comply with MEPS. Go to MVE


Supporting Policies

Supporting policies and mechanisms should be established as part of a phase-out strategy.

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Environmentally Sound Management

Legislation and end-of-life processes need to be put into place for spent lamps.

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